Monday, 25 April 2011

Cream Puffs

Went for dinner with my aunt and uncle on Saturday. Linda made cream puffs for dessert and she was discussing the proper technique for making them with my cousin's friend. I was drifting in and out but what I did hear was very funny.

Shannon: Do you have a frosting bag?
Aunt Linda: I cut the corner off a ziploc bag
Shannon: Do you have any tips?

Of course this was misheard as tits around the room and my uncle was quick to defend Linda's 'tips.' "They are small but they are under that shirt somewhere!" I felt like a perv but I added "You have very nice tips, Linda." To show her gratitude for this she hugged me and her tips were pressed to my face.

The instructions continued:

Aunt Linda: I don't bother cutting them in half before I put the cream inside.
Shannon: Oh, me neither. I poke a hole and then stick it in.
Jeff: Are you paying attention, Brett?
Me: Jeff! I don't need to worry about sticking it in - I'm a bottom.


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