Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Baby Proofing

Last weekend I spent a night at my aunt and uncle's place in New Jersey. Princeton is an old university town and it made me feel smart just being there. Not that I went to see the school...I did eat some bourbon vanilla caramel sea salt ice cream though, and it was delicious.

At dinner my cousin Ted suggested that he had recently put on some weight, so I took any opportunity to poke fun at him. For example, when he asked what my other cousin's husband does for a living I said: He's a geneticist who specializes in fat people - maybe you should go see him? When Ted said he was watching Dancing With The Stars and that he loves Kirstie Alley I said: She's almost fat enough for you.

I thought it was funny.

Ted's sister Rachael lives in California now with her husband Caleb and their baby Declan. I talked to her on the phone and asked what they were up to:

Rachael: We are baby proofing the house!
Me: You had him in September...shouldn't you have done that a while ago?
Rachael: Well he's just started to crawl - until now he just sat around all day and sucked on things.
Me: We have that in common.


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  1. For the record: He still isn't crawling! So I have like... an hour to get finished with my baby proofing. ;-)