Monday, 25 April 2011

Body Odour

I have been convinced to start a blog. Mostly by my friend Lucia ( but also by my auntie Jan, who told me this past week that she thinks I should become a stand-up comedian. This was funny to me because in high school when I did a career aptitude test, stand-up comic was actually the number one recommendation. I'm not sure why...the test didn't ask me if I was funny.

So here I am (about 10 years late) to start sending more thoughts out into the universe that probably no one will read - which is what I thought I had Twitter for (you can follow me @brettbretters.)

One assumes that the title of a blog is kind of important, so let me explain the reason behind mine. When I was younger I was picked on for many things - being chubby (the kids treated me like the Pillsbury doughboy, pressing my belly button in hopes that I'd say WOOHOO), being gay (though that seemed more like an obvious statement of fact) or my initials - BO. To this day whenever I initial a deposit at the bank I sign it BPO in hopes that no one will notice. I put on 5 squirts of Jean Paul Gaultier every morning to make sure I don't actually smell.

This isn't the only way bad initials factor into my life. My brother is MO (short for homo, in case anyone straight ever reads this), my cousin is HO, my favourite singer is BS, my dad's favourite singer is another BS, and my other possible blog title was DOG. It all seemed to boil down to bad initials in the end - so here we are. A blog named after body odour. In honour of this, please enjoy these sweaty pits.

'Sweaty armpit' is among the more random things I've ever googled.


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  1. Love love love! "incase anyone straight reads this"!!! Like me! Can't wait to read more :)