Sunday, 8 May 2011


I will never ever ever get a tattoo. First of all - I'm terrified of needles, and having one jabbing me in the same place for an hour is not something I'm interested in (though wording it like that made it sounds more appealing for a moment.)

I just don't understand the need. I have art on my walls...but I can't imagine being so attached to something that I'd want it on my skin for the rest of my life. Maybe it's the same as me thinking that my high school friends are too young to be getting married - though this is maybe a lesser case (depending how big your tattoo is, I suppose.) But still, it's another reminder of something every second until the end of your days. A decision that deserves a lot of time and consideration and shouldn't be done on impulse. Maybe I'm starting to sound like a commitment-phobe...but come on people! That's a long time. And your body is going to change in unexpected and probably gross ways. That lower back tattoo is not going to look sexy, it's going to be melting down into your butt crack.

I know people who have decided to have their tattoos removed (which is a slow and painful process, if my understanding is correct.) I know people who got one tattoo and decided it was not enough and they now have 6 or 7. This brings me back to the reminder point - is that not why someone would have a tattoo? So they don't forget something? Such as your name, your last name, your mom's name, your spouses name, your birth sign, your countries flag - these all seem like cliche tattoos. Are people worried they are going to forget this information? If something means the world to me, I know it and the people around me probably do too. I don't think I need it written on me in ink to prove it.

I guess I prefer the body as a blank canvas. I see tattoos as stains or blemishes on an otherwise blank page. Like scars that you asked someone to drill into you. Though, before anyone tries to ink me in my sleep, there are some tattoos out there that I think are really beautiful. The following is not an example of one of those.

But seriously, if you have a tattoo around your arm - you are at 100% risk of being a total douchebag.


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  1. He really needs some huge ass nipple rings to go along with that look.