Saturday, 7 May 2011


The other night my friend Gay Mike shared a story with me about a Little Girl (LG) his friend used to teach. Before his friend could answer, Another Little Girl (ALG) answered her:

LG: Teacher - why does everyone has a nose?
ALG: How else would they know when the cookies are done?

Aren't kids cute? I keep trying to make babies but for some reason I can't get it to work. That being said - what is it with people and rushing into making babies? I was home in Manitoba last week and every time I visit I'm always surprised at the number of people my age who are already engaged or married or have one kid or two kids or three kids. I'm 22, by the way. Don't you think these people are a bit young to be rushing into these decisions that will last for the rest of their lives? It makes me nervous.

I suggested to my mom and brother that I am behind schedule - that I need to hurry up and make a family. To that my brother had this to say:

"Nah, I have some friends who are like 26, 27, and they don't even have girlfriends. You're doing ok."

I have been with my manservant (who will be known here as CW) for more than 5 years...but I'm in no rush to get married. Mostly because I want a big ass ring and he's still in school so he can't afford it yet. But also because I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I'm all over the place - I need some stability in my career and finances before I can lock myself to another person forever and ever and ever. But maybe that's just me? I guess people figure they can always get divorced if it doesn't work out. Or maybe they don't look at it cynically like I do - they hope for the best and maybe it will work out.

But if your fiance is twice your age, has more hair on his back than he does on his head, and already has children with his previous wife - you should not be marrying him. That's just common sense.


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