Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Election Night

I was home in Carman, Manitoba for election night for the first time since I turned 18. I was the only member of my household who actually voted - and I voted for my riding in Vancouver. It's alright though, my dad and my brother say they would both have voted Conservative if they had voted. My dad because the Conservatives support big corporations, and he hopes to strike oil someday. My brother because I told him not to vote Conservative and he wants to piss me off. Though, in a rural bible belt riding like the one my family lives in, it wouldn't make a difference one way or another - the Conservatives won by a landslide, as they always do (the NDP ran someone by the name of Mohammed Alli - possibly hoping that blind people would assume he was the boxer?)

It was a fantastic night for the NDP - more than doubling their highest ever seat count, they finally helped us get rid of the useless Bloc and helped demonstrate that the Liberals just aren't quite left enough. All is not well in the great white north though, because the Conservatives inexplicably gained a majority (even though they only received 39.6% of the popular vote, and less than 60% of eligible voters actually voted.) Good thing I'm planning a move to NYC - hopefully by the time I move back Canada will have it's flawed electoral system figured out, it has failed us one too many times.

I suppose I run in a group of people that consists of primarily artists and gays...so the general feeling I got going into the election was that Stephen Harper would be out on his ass, and rightfully so. He was found in contempt of parliament and he's not honest with the Canadian public. He's also a total douche. I assumed that everyone was pissed off by him but apparently voters aren't worried about what should be big offenses. I can only hope they live to regret it.

On a lighter note, before the election coverage started the news treated us to a list of some good cheap wines. I was taking notes, and my dad remembered he'd heard good things about another wine:

Dad: Have you ever tried Ménage à Trois?
Me: Not the wine.


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