Saturday, 7 May 2011


I saw Mother Mother in concert the other night. It was a good show, if a bit long. I'm just a casual listener, so after a while the songs all started to blend together. That, and they didn't play my two absolute favourites.

Anyway, I was selecting my outfit and I decided to wear my new Paul Smith shorts that are navy blue and covered in little white stars. I got them at Barney's in New York and they are amazing. 

I walked out in my outfit and GM (Gay Mike) asked if I was just going to wear underwear to the show. I was taken back - I know my shorts are a bit short and a bit tight...but they are not boxers.

When I argued that my shorts didn't look anything like underwear, GM had the perfect ammunition to combat me with.

I'm starting to wonder if he planned it.

People at the concert did seem to be looking at me like I'd forgotten to wear pants. Not that it would have been the first time I went out in my undies.


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